What happens to a car after it is scrapped?
Posted On Feb 06 2019
What happens to a car after it is scrapped?

One may be thinking that what a scrap car would like? Is it really damage? No, no, and never. The real value of the car is only known after scrapping. Scrapping is also a big business. The metal is extracted and known to be recycled for further use. This is really a fantastic procedure that is to be followed through various considerations. Along with it, some of the best tools and equipment are used for extracting these metals. The vehicles do have some parts that can be used for import and export purposes which become a part of the business.

After a scrapped car!

A scrapped car means that almost all the components of the car are removed. First of all, the car arrives at the area and transferred to the correct area. Through this process, various harmful components are removed that can harm the environment. Overall, the arriving and transferring process is a starter for scrapping a car to remove unwanted parts which can be contaminated into the earth surface. So, the car is now known for extracting good quality metal and components.

Most of the parts such as mercury, battery, fluids, and acids are removed. Now, the vehicle is depolluted for various reasons. The various things that are to be removed and recycled are a battery, tires, lead balance, liquid petroleum gas tank, oils, fluids, catalytic converter, oil filter, switches, and mercury. The depollution rig would carry the vehicle and all the fluid will be drained or stored in tanks. Through this process, the parts that can be recycled are kept by the company while others are either drained or deployed. So, this was a second step that is processed while scrapping a car.

It comes to the recycling part where metals, glass, rubber, plastic is sold to the steel mills. The air conditioners, bumpers, heater core are removed and recycled. The final process can also include crushing of the car into metallic chunks. Most of the companies are involved in business through scrapping of the car. The steel mills buy the metals and use it for preparing their goods. So, at the economic level, it is also quite good for industries. At the same time, it is beneficial for the sellers also. When a recycling process is done, it saves about 75% of the energy. It is not a big load for the companies as the natural resources are safe.


Scrapping deals in both recycling and business. As we learned how different procedures are followed by the car and finally it is exposed to useful metal. The metal is sold to steel mills or recycled by the same company. These companies are making use of an eco-friendly concept of recycling which is also responsible for saving energy. The natural resources don’t have much interference in such matters and therefore they remain safe. So, one can let the car get scrapped rather than letting it go waste. It is up to you what to do now?

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